My First Aesthetic Experience at Premier Clinic

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Wanting to look better is no longer the sole privilege of women; men too would love to look good.  Appearance plays a vital determining key to succeed in almost every industry.  Who does not feel good or comfortable dealing with a better looking person?  Of course, I am not saying that beauty is everything.  But wouldn’t it be better if you are also looking good, aside from your talent and capability?

Comparing with surgery, I am more akin to try aesthetic procedures, at least, as aesthetic procedures come with very minimal risk, if at all, and almost, with no downtime.  You will be able to return to your normal lifestyle almost immediately after the procedures.   Most of the post effects of aesthetic procedures are instantly noticeable.

Your friends and family may notice a slight change in you - like you look better, but they would never have suspected that you had gone for an aesthetic procedure(s).  Accordingly, you will not have to worry about what people may say (ok to be exact “gossip”) about you.   Instead of changing you to a totally different person, aesthetic procedures enhance your conditions and/or rectify your problems. 

Recently, I have had the opportunity of being invited to pay a visit at Premier Clinic.  Like most of you, or even more careful, I conducted an extensive research about the services provided at Premier Clinic and especially, the background of the aesthetic physicians practicing there for a good one whole week prior to the visit (see:  Although I have said aesthetic procedures appear to be quite simple with minimal risk, according to the internet, I just wanted to make sure that I would be in good hands. 

My research shows that Premier Clinic may be the only or one of the few aesthetic clinics that provide a whole range of services, not only limited to, facial enhancement, scar treatment, hair treatment, fat loss treatment; it also has vaginal rejuvenation and penis enlargement (not as if I require it) (see:, which I thought were only available in a hospital.  Premier Clinic’s doctors have regularly published articles on papers/blogs, attending seminars and talks and most importantly, published videos of the procedures administered by them (see: With all these materials available, I decided to accept the invitation and pay Premier Clinic a visit. 
Due to hectic and stressful lifestyle, Dr Kee found that my skin was sagging, fast aging and lack of collagen. The most effective way to be able to see the result immediately, according to Dr Kee, was by way of thread lifts (there was actually a whole course proposed to sculpt it, the effect of which will be better and of course, more expensive! Hopefully I will have a chance to try it too).

I am good at asking questions.  Dr Kee was very patient throughout the Q&A session.  Dr Kee did not rush me and allowed me to ask one after another question until I was fully satisfied and cleared all my doubts before proceeding further.  
After I agreed to undergo the procure, by signing a consent form, I was brought to the treatment room by a friendly nurse, who again briefly repeated and summarized what are the dos and don’ts, as she was cleaning my face and applying the numb cream.  I was asked to wait for some 25 minutes for the numb cream to work into my skin.

Thereafter, Dr Kee came in and started making marks on my right face (the targeted area as the condition was worse than my left face), followed by 2 jabs before the procedure started.  When inserting the threads, the nurse used a massager to distract me from the poking.   Despite having numbed my right face, I could still feel a little pain (like being pieced by a rather thick needle), which I must say the pain was bearable.  I was not worried throughout the procedure as I knew I was in good hands, thanks to those videos uploaded and articles published by Premier Clinic

The entire procedure went on for about 20-30 mins, if I remember correctly.  Before I left Premier Clinic, I was given anti-bruising and anti-inflammation creams to apply at the injected areas and being reminded of the dos and don’ts, such as no steam, no sauna, no swimming for the first week to prevent inflammation and bruising at the injected areas.  Lastly, a followed up appointment was fixed 2 weeks thereafter for Dr Kee to monitor the process. 

Generally, it was a very pleasant experience.   I was very happy with the services rendered by Dr Kee and the friendly nurses.  The ambience is also very comfortable, and nice.  I heard that another Premier Clinic will be opening in Sunway.  I would definitely pay a visit, if I was invited. 

For the initial 5 days, I had a little difficulty in chewing hard food (not even biscuit), which I thought was normal.  I had to use my left jaw to chew.   The injected part was a little swollen (not noticeable), and was very tight.  I had to wash my right face with care (not as if some special care was required).   My right face would not be painful (very minimal) unless I laughed out loud or had some big movements.  Overall, the post-procedure did not affect my life at all. 

I discovered that my right face has been lifted immediately, and tighter.  My left face is still saggy.  Previously, as my right face’s condition was worse, Dr Kee decided to only target my right face to see if it would look balance with my left face.  I do hope Dr Kee would finish up my left face at the next appointment. 

This is my first aesthetic experience with Premier Clinic. Hopefully, I will be able to experience more of Premier Clinic’s services and at that stage, I will certainly provide you all with more reviews. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions.  Alternatively, you may ring up Premier Clinic at +6012-662 5552 to make an appointment now. The consultation is FREE.  Yes, I repeat is absolutely FREE.  So what are you guys waiting for?

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(I)        Bangsar (branch)

40 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
(next to mamak Raj Banana Leaf - same row as Pos Malaysia)

(II)       Premier Clinic TTDI (branch)

31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), 
60000 Kuala Lumpur. 
(next to Maxis and Digi – sam row as Pizza Hut)

(III)      Sunway – to be opened soon

Contact: 012-662 5552

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